Our Consultants

Chow Kwok Wah

Human Capital Development - Consultant

Chow Kwok Wah is a season HR Professional with over 40 years of experience in full spectrum of Human Resource. Kwok Wah holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from University of Singapore (now renamed as National University of Singapore) and a Diploma in Training & Development Management awarded by the Singapore Institute of Management and the Institute of Training and Development (United Kingdom). 

His areas of HR expertise involves

-Talent Selection and Management

-Training and Career Development

-Rewards Management

-Employee and Industrial Relations.

Kwok Wah has performed HR functionality in several sectors like:


-High technology

-Financial services.


-HR consultancy

-Information Technology

-Digital Marketing

-Retail F&B




-MOM approved auditor for employment standards compliance, member of its Industrial Relations panel

-Member of Raffles Institution Board of Governors

-Member of its Establishment (HR) Committee

-Professional member of Singapore Human Resources Institute

Owing to his familiarity with the local labor laws, he has given training to his clients on the Employment Act, Retirement and Reemployment Act, Industrial Relations/Employee Relations Grievance Handling & Discipline.