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Renew a Work Permit for a foreign domestic worker

Posted on 17/03/2021 by Paula Formantes


You must renew your helper’s Work Permit before it expires. Before renewing, you also need to complete certain steps, such as getting your helper's insurance package (security bond, medical and personal accident insurance).


  • Most clinics would have resumed medical examinations in Phase 2. For FDWs who need to do a medical examination, as stated in their renewal notice, you must upload the completed medical examination form during the renewal transaction.
  • If you no longer need your FDW, you can consider transferring her to another employer.

At a glance

When to renew

After you receive the renewal letter, you can renew your helper’s Work Permit online. You should receive the letter from MOM about 8 weeks before the Work Permit expires.

Who can renew

Employer, sponsor, or authorized employment agency (EA)

How much it costs

$35 per renewal

What is the duration of the renewed permit

Up to 2 years. It may be shorter in these situations.

How long it takes

The outcome is immediate



You can make an appeal if your helper is not eligible for renewal. However, any appeal is unlikely to be successful unless you provide new information for our consideration. Alternatively, you can consider part-time help with household chores.

When to renew

You should receive the renewal letter from MOM about 8 weeks before your helper’s Work Permit expires.

After you receive the renewal letter, you can renew her Work Permit online.

If your helper plans to travel overseas just before the expiry date, you should renew the Work Permit before she leaves Singapore.

Late renewals

If you renew a Work Permit late, you are still liable for levy after it expires. Levy penalties or overstaying fine, if applicable, may also be imposed.

You can request for an extension if you’re unable to renew the Work Permit on time.

Documents required

You will need the following documents and information for renewal:

Documents and information


Scanned copy of the personal particulars page of the helper’s passport (including amendments)

MOM must have a record of your helper’s most updated passport if it has been renewed.

Security bond (for non-Malaysian helper)

Get a new security bond.

The bank or insurance company must send us the new security bond details before you renew the permit.

The effective date of the security bond can be post-dated up to 1 day after the expiry date of the existing Work Permit.

If you are renewing through an employment agency, they should get you to complete the Renewal Declaration Form.

Personal accident insurance

Extend your helper’s existing personal accident insurance or get a new policy. You can buy the PAI from the same bank or insurance company where you place the security bond.

Medical insurance

Extend your helper’s existing medical insurance or get a new policy.

You can buy the medical insurance from the same bank or insurance company where you place the security bond.

Details for a secure card delivery (only if the temporary work permit states that your helper will be getting a new card)

MOM will ask you for:

  • An address (home or office) where the card will be delivered.

The names and mobile numbers of up to 3 authorized recipients to sign for the card.


How to renew

Processing time: Immediate

To renew the permit:

  1. Log in to submit the application and upload the required documents. Refer to the renewal letter for specific instructions.
  2. Pay $35 for each renewal. You can pay by VISA, Master Card, or direct debit.

After the Work Permit is renewed

After the Work Permit is renewed, print and check the temporary work permit to see:

If temporary work permit states

The existing card

Getting a new card.

Note: From 24 August 2020, newly issued Work Permit cards for FDWs will no longer state the name and address of the employer.

Must be cut in half and discarded to prevent misuse. 

As we need time to change the instructions in our eServices, pass cards, and letters, please ignore any instructions to return the card. Please bear with us while we work on this. 

Continue using the existing card.

Must be kept by the helper.

Note: If you return it when you don’t need to, you have to pay $60 to replace the pass.


Duration of renewal

The Work Permit is usually valid for 2 years. However, it may be shorter in these situations:

In this situation

The duration will be until

The validity of the insurance package is less than 26 months

2 months before the insurance package expires

The helper is approaching 60 years old

The day the helper turns 60 years old


The duration of the renewed pass is not affected by the length of validity of the passport.

You should make sure your helper’s passport is valid if she is travelling out of Singapore. Embassies may impose requirements on the renewal of passports.

Before entering Singapore

If your helper is currently overseas, you need to request MOM’s approval before she can enter Singapore.

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