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How do you keep your team happy?

Posted on 2/03/2021 by Paula Formantes


As the standard-bearer in the war against COVID-19, it should be unsurprising that one in three HR professionals are unhappy at work. The recent study, conducted during the pandemic, found that nearly half are unsatisfied with their jobs, compared to pre-COVID times.

Besides feeling the brunt of their new roles as crisis managers and having to ‘manage fires’ left and right of the organization, two in three HR leaders also said they were worried about the company’s overall financial health. As they manage employee well-being, engagement, and health and safety, they cannot help but stress over the company’s revenue, profitability, and cash flow – especially if they were heading teams in small local businesses.

The challenges of managing ‘great change’

It is about recognition, giving the right support, and the frequency of communication you have with them.

Regular communication with your HR teams is especially crucial since they’re tasked to head much of the engagement work. It’s about keeping them close and informed about what’s happening at the organization, as well as everything that’s going on around them.

On top of managing the constant changes at the organization, HR also had to rise to the challenge of offering all their services virtually or remotely.

As we get better at handling our [COVID-19] cases, we are now moving towards more strategic HR work. We are reviving our engagement plans, and we are preparing for hopefully a normal 2021.

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