Industry Insights

Career guidance offered to students graduating from industries which are badly hit by COVID-19!

Posted on 8/12/2020 by Paula Formantes


Even with the Covid-19 situation, career guidance is given by schools such as Institute of Higher Learnings (IHLs), especially those in Aerospace, Aviation and Hospitality graduating next year as they have been severely hit since international travelling has come to a halt.


Apart from that, there are also new electives for students to build skills that are sought after such as Data Analytics, Visualization, Programming, and Digital Marketing.

Despite Covid-19, half of the Aerospace Engineering students could still get internships related to their course. The remaining half managed to secure internships in other industries like manufacturing, where they are able to apply their skills and put use their knowledge into practical usage. In addition to that, those in Aviation management, about 60% of students got internship offers, even if it’s not related to their field of study.

This gives a sense of how collective the efforts are of agencies involved, together with the students’ own willingness to step out of their comfort zone – they have been able to secure meaningful internships which we believe will enable them to better positioned for the job market.

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