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About 10,600 Company-attachment opportunities for Mid-career Job Seekers!!

Posted on 3/12/2020 by Paula Formantes


More than 100 mid-career workers have been successfully placed in company attachments. 2,100 host organizations also have offered mid-career workers about 10,600 company attachment opportunities as of the end of October.


Roles are across diverse sectors and include Investment Banking Analyst, Graphic Designer, Acoustic Engineer, Relationship Consultant, Customer Service Experience Officer, Learning Experience Executive, Content Creator, and Finance, Analyst.

The attachments come under the SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme which is run by Workforce Singapore (WSG) along with the Singapore Business Federation, which was launched in August to help mid-career workers build useful skills as a step towards permanent jobs.

The attachments allow for mid-career workers to be exposed to various industries of diverse experiences and backgrounds, which gave it a win-win situation for employers and job seekers.

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