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Planning to fly to Hong Kong? Here is what you need to know before booking a flight from Singapore.

Posted on 20/11/2020 by Paula Formantes


The Air Bubble Travel between Singapore and Hong Kong starts on November 22nd to allow Singaporeans and Hong Kong residents to travel between the 2 territories for leisure.


The restrictions and requirements are:

  1. Who is eligible?


Any person who has remained in either Singapore or Hong Kong for the last 14 consecutive days. Work Permit and S-Pass holders working in the construction, marine shipyard or process sectors in Singapore are unable to do so.


  1. What flights are available?


Travellers from both cities must use the flights designated for ATB travellers. The flight numbers are SQ890, SQ891, CX734, and CX759. From November 22nd, there will be one flight a day into each city with a quota of 200 travellers per flight on SQ890 and CX759. The frequency will be increased to 2 flights a day into each city with a quota of 200 travellers per flight from December 7th, with all 4 flight numbers running. If the COVID-19 situation deteriorates in either city, the ATB will be suspended.


  1. How will travellers be tested for COVID-19?


All travellers will be required to test negative on a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test 72 hours before their scheduled departure in either city.

  • Singapore to Hong Kong:

Travellers will need to apply for approval to take the PCR test at least 7 days before departure. They will need a confirmed flight ticket to Hong Kong to apply to take the test.


On approval via e-mail, travellers can take their test at a recognized clinic or testing center.


  • Hong Kong to Singapore

The same 72-hour rule to test negative on the PCR test applies. Travellers can take the test at recognized clinics.


  1. What must be done in the destination city?


All travellers arriving in Hong Kong are required to take a COVID-19 test on arrival at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). They will have to book and pay for their tests before departing from Singapore.


They must remain inside HKIA until their results are confirmed.


Travellers can refer to Hong Kong’s dedicated ATB website for more information.


  1. What if travellers fall ill?


If travellers become infected with COVID-19 they will have to bear the full costs of any medical treatment, subject to the policies of the respective cities.


  1. What if the rate of infection increases because of the ATB?


If the average number of daily unlinked cases over a 7-day period rises to more than 5 in either Singapore or Hong Kong, the ATB will be suspended for 2 weeks. The ATB will resume if the number falls back below 5 on the last day of the suspension period.

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