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MOM Update: Eligible Migrant Workers will be able to visit Recreation Centres (RC) on Rest Days from 31 Oct 2020

Posted on 12/11/2020 by Paula Formantes


Despite the Covid-19 situation, MOM is trying to ease restrictions for migrant workers safely both within and outside the dormitories.

As of currently, migrant workers are only allowed to leave the dormitories for work and essential errands but as of 31st October, they will be allowed to visit RCs when tested negative under the Rostered Routine Testing (RTT) regime.

To do so, eligible works will have to book an Exit Pass via SGWorkPass mobile application to visit their dormitory’s assigned RC, 7 days in advance. Checks will be done by dormitory operators and RCs.

Additional measures have been put in place in RCs to protect the health of the workers. Such as mitigating overcrowding by having staggering timeslots to visit, number of Exit Passes for each timeslot being controlled, and MOM working closely with the sector agencies and employers to stagger the rest days for workers in the Construction, Marine, and Process sectors.

Improving the Experience for Migrant Workers

Around 30,000 migrant workers from 300 over dormitories have booked Exit Passes as part of the trials.

The timeslots were also increased from 2-hour exits to 3-hour exits based on feedback from industry associations. An additional 8 pm to 11 pm timeslot will be added to cater to workers who perform overtime work on their rest days, as per MOM recent updates.

‘The Migrant Workers’ Centre is working closely with MOM and government agencies, and other partners and stakeholders to provide support and render assistance to our migrant workers since the pandemic started to ensure that their livelihood is also being taken care of and have them return to normalcy in a phased manner.

With the ease of restrictions for migrant workers, they will feel more inclined to be adaptable to the new norm instead of feeling isolated. This can be done of course with the new measures in place and safe distancing.

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