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UPDATE: Acknowledge Form

Posted on 31/05/2020 by PrimeHR


In order to receive Foreign Worker Levy Rebate in June and July 2020, employers need to acknowledge that you have read and accepted the following conditions: -

We agree to allow MOM to move our Work Permit Holders and S Pass holders who are cleared of COVID-19 from their existing dormitory to a cleared dormitory, to facilitate the workers’ returning to work. This may require us to terminate the leases with our current dormitory operator to recontract with a new dormitory operator.

We agree to second or transfer our Work Permit Holders and S Pass holders to work at another company that needs workers, but whose workers are in dormitories that have not been cleared, if directed by MOM. The terms of secondment or transfer for our foreign workers may be negotiated and agreed between my company and the receiving company. I will also seek the consent of my workers to be seconded.

We accept that MOM reserves the right to impose further conditions subsequently, and we can opt out by paying back the Foreign Worker Levy Rebate that we received if we do not agree to the further conditions.

We are aware that we may be denied future Foreign Worker Levy Rebate payouts and/or waivers and may have our work pass privileges suspended, if we fail to comply with the above conditions.

Acknowledge form:!/5ed07a6242ee5f00110d997a

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