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Skills Future Earn and Learn Programme

Posted on 6/12/2019 by PrimeHR


Skills Future Earn and Learn Program is designed by the Government to give students a head start in careers related to the discipline of their study. The program provides students an opportunity to build their skills and knowledge that they acquired in school. Besides, it provides support for their transition into the workforce.

PrimeHR conducted Skills Future Earn and Learn Information Session at one of the notable Polytechnics in Singapore on 2nd December 2019. This Information Session taught the students about the program and enlightened them about the advantages of enrolling into the program for their future. Our Head of Human Resources and Consulting, Mr. Wally Rouda represented our client at the seminar to engage with the fresh graduates talking to them about the benefits of the programme.  The students will acquire relevant work experience and deepening skills through structured mentorship and learning. Apart from that, the students also get incentive of $5000 by the Singaporean Government once they have been successfully signed into the program relevant to the course of their studies.

This programme enables our client to train the students in becoming an integral part of their organization by grooming and moulding them to be a fully-fledged employee as well as retain apt talents.  Hence, our client will get a grant up to $15,000 for training the students through this program. PrimeHR prides themselves in helping both client and future job seekers to find the perfect fit for their career growth.

PrimeHR helps to cater to the needs of the labour market by encouraging locals to apply for entry-level positions which also offer a competitive salary. Thus, this program promotes Singapore's core talent in enriching and enhancing their skills and knowledge to be at the executive level by the end of the program.